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New Jersey Youth Chorus

Primi Passi

Primi Passi is a non-auditioned music exploration class for young students in grades K–2. The singing-focused curriculum is devoted to developing basic music literacy and vocal skills, accomplished through active learning of musical games, rhythmic activities, folk dancing/movement, visual learning, and playing simple percussion instruments. The ensemble repertoire focuses mainly on unison music, with an introduction to two-part singing through beginning canons. A key focus is also making new friends, building confidence, and the joy of singing with others!

Fall Session Dates: Sept 14- Jan 25 (No Class on 10/12, 11/30, 12/21, 12/28, 1/4; Event in lieu of class on 10/26)
Spring Session Dates: Feb 1-May 17 (No Class on 2/15, 4/19; Event on 5/18)

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