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New Jersey Youth Symphony

NJYS Orchestral Camp: Winds/Brass/Percussion Session

Summer Winds/Brass/Percussion Session is designed to continue progress built
during the school year for the young wind player. Campers will play in full camp
wind ensemble with music arranged for the camp’s specific instrumentation. Every
student will learn to play a secondary instrument from the family of “less common”
band instruments. This ranges from bassoon, oboe, trombone, horn, and tuba and
varies from year to year. Students will select their secondary instrument on the first
day of camp with the help of our Summer Winds Camp staff.

Winds/Brass/Percussion Session welcomes two types of students:
Early-stage players: 1 to 2 years of experience, beginning to learn the full potential
Later stage players: 3+ years of experience on a primary instrument or exploring a
secondary instrument such as (bassoon, oboe, trombone, horn, and tuba).

Secondary Instrument Option: Any student embarking on a new instrument for the
school year or contemplating a switch can spend the entire camp on the new
instrument. At the end of the two weeks, students will perform on both their primary
and secondary instruments in a final concert open to the public.

Recommended for students whose playing level is between NJYS Solo Levels 1-2,
and in 9th grade or younger.

The video should be emailed to, after enrollment, by May 1.

Winds/Brass/Percussion Session:

  • Solo piece of student’s choice
    • 1 Major scale Up to 3 flats & 3 sharps demonstrating the maximum range of your best ability.
    • 1 minor scale (melodic minor) Up to 3 flats & 3 sharps

Tempo for scales = 120 bpm

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