My Teaching Philosophy

I consider myself a guide and wealth of knowledge for my students. I stress that I will never get mad or yell at a student nor make them feel that I’m angry with them. I’m here to help them in their musical journey. If they don’t practice, they won’t improve. It’s really that simple. It’s impossible for any teacher to motivate a student, that must come from within. You can bribe a student to practice, but that will only last as long as you have something the student desires. My goal is to help the student find what they love about music so that they want to practice. To show them methods to improve their technique as effeciently as possible and increase their musicality whenever possible. I try hard to “sneak” theory/technique/musicianship into lessons that revolve around what the student most enjoys performing, hopefully engaging them to want to practice vs. needing to be told to do so.