Policies & Procedures

Visit the Policies & Procedures page to read about WIPA’s policies.


WIPA has an annual Registration fee that is due prior to enrollment. The Registration fee as of January 22, 2018 is $35 for Individuals and $50 for Families.

Pricing and Payment Plans

Pricing for all group classes is given in each class description. Payment Plans are available for all private lessons. For a fee, following the initial payment and Registration fee, your credit card will be charged in six equal installments from October 2017 through March 2018.


As well, a new Payment in Full discount has been added of $35 for 30 minute lessons, $65 for 45 minute lessons, and $100 for 60 minute lessons as of December 1, 2017 (there is no Payment in Full Discount after March 19, 2018) in addition to our Sibling Discount (10%) and Multi-Activity Discount (5%).  To register, please click on the following link for the Performing Arts School.  Please remember to purchase your Individual or Family Registration Fee first in a separate transaction before proceeding to enroll for lessons.