Please read the Wharton Institute for the Performing Arts Inclement Weather Policies and Procedures

Please read the Wharton Institute for the Performing Arts Policies and Procedures

Financial Assistance Form

Financial aid applications are available by clicking HERE. Applications with all supporting materials including IRS Form 1040 must be completed and submitted to the Director of Student Services no later than August 15, 2017.   Applications that do not include IRS Form 1040 will not be considered.


All students must register online at www.WhartonArts.org. To register a student who is under age 18, a parent or guardian must establish an account first and then add the student as a family member. Payment is made by credit card upon registration. The parent or guardian of a student under age 18 must be the credit card account holder. For assistance with online registration, call 908-790-0700.

All Tuition and Class Payments Are Due on or before September 8, 2017.

Registration Fee

Wharton Institute for the Performing Arts requires a Registration fee prior to enrolling in lessons and classes. The Registration fee as of January 22, 2018 is $35 for Individuals and $50 for Families. If you need assistance with registration, please contact WIPA Student Services at 908.790.0700.

Early-Registration Deadline–June 30, 2017

Students can reserve their preferred lesson time by registering online by June 30, 2017. After June 30, all lessons are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Payment Plans

Complete payment of tuition and fees is due upon registration on or before September 8, 2017. Additional payment information is provided online when registration is completed. If a student registers after the start of a term, the full pro-rated tuition for the balance of classes in that term must be paid prior to the first day of attendance. All private lessons have the option of being on a payment plan. For a fee, following the initial payment and Registration fee, your credit card will be automatically charged for six equal installments from October 2017 through March 2018.


WIPA offers 10% sibling and 5% multi-activity discounts. Sibling and multi-activity discounts cannot be combined. One discount per enrollment. Students may be eligible for other discounts throughout the academic year.

As well, a new Payment in Full discount has been added of $35 for 30 minute lessons, $65 for 45 minute lessons, and $100 for 60 minute lessons as of December 1,2017 (there is no Payment in Full Discount after March 19, 2018) in addition to our Sibling Discount (10%) and Multi-Activity Discount (5%).  To register, please click on the following link for the Performing Arts School.  Please remember to purchase your Individual or Family Registration Fee first in a separate transaction before proceeding to enroll for lessons.


Minimum Enrollment

For each group class, a minimum student enrollment is required for the class to be held. In the event that the minimum enrollment has not been met (typically four to five students per class), WIPA administration will consider alternatives to accommodate students wishing to enroll in the class. In some cases, a modest increase in the fee can make it possible for the class to be held with fewer students.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Private Lessons: All requests for withdrawal from private lessons must be submitted in writing to the WIPA Director of Student Services. Withdrawals made prior to the beginning of the academic year (September 8, 2017) will result in a 100% tuition refund excluding the non-refundable Registration Fee. Withdrawals after the beginning of the term will be prorated and include an additional two-week charge.

Group Classes: Withdrawals made prior to the beginning of the semester (September 8, 2017) will result in a 100% tuition refund excluding the non-refundable Registration Fee. Withdrawal after the first week of classes will result in a 75% tuition refund excluding the non-refundable Registration Fee. All payments for classes are non-refundable after the second week of classes.

Student Drop-Off and Parking Policy

All children under the age of 12 must be walked into the building and to the class or faculty studio by parent, guardian, or caregiver. If a parent/guardian/caregiver leaves the building during his/her child’s lesson, the teacher must be given the cell or other number to reach the parent/guardian/caregiver in case of an emergency.

All vehicles must park in the WIPA parking lot. Street parking should be avoided unless there are no spaces in the WIPA lot. CHILDREN ARE NOT PERMITTED TO CROSS THE STREET TO A WAITING CAR. Children may only be picked up in the parking lot or at the curbside adjoining WMC property. Please, help us prevent accidents.

Missed Lessons and Classes

Lessons/classes missed by a student are not refundable, however, two make-up lesson per year are provided for private lessons missed by the student with one-day-prior notice. Additional make-ups are at the teacher’s discretion. Missed group classes or make-up lessons cannot be made up. Private lessons missed by a teacher are rescheduled by mutual arrangement. Group classes missed by the teacher will be rescheduled.

Weather Closings

For weather or other unscheduled closings, WIPA will post closing notification on its website  www.WhartonArts.org. Please read the Wharton Institute for the Performing Arts Inclement Weather Policies and Procedures.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions regarding Procedures

Upon registration of a student, the parent or guardian of the student if a minor or student if an adult agrees to abide by all terms and conditions specified in this Policies and Procedures section as modified from time to time.

Photography, Video and Audio Recordings

From time to time, WIPA may photograph, video, or audio-record lessons, classes, camps, and performances. WIPA reserves the right to use these photos, videos, and audio recordings for publicity purposes such as WIPA’s course listings, publications, websites, email broadcasts, posters, press releases, public notices, advertising, and brochures. Upon registration of a student, the parent or guardian of a student if a minor or student if an adult grants permission to WIPA to use any photos, videos, and audio recordings taken for publicity purposes and to publish the names of persons in the photos, videos, and audio recordings. Such permission applies unless a parent or guardian submits a written, dated request that their child’s image, recording, or name not be used.