A Founding School for the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

The Music Development Program (MDP) sponsored by the Royal Conservatory named Wharton Institute for the Performing Arts (WIPA) as a Founding School in 2011. As a founding school, WIPA endeavors to advance music students of all ages in their pursuit of music literacy and performance.

The MDP provides a nationally recognized standard of musical achievement for studying music.  Sequential music theory courses from beginner through advanced are offered at WIPA. The MDP motivates music students, both children and adults, to strive for excellence through participation in individual student assessments with professional adjudicators and enables the students to celebrate their accomplishments and track their progress.  For younger students, the Program assists parents who seek a better understanding of their children’s level of performance and musical growth.

The MDP includes periodic assessments of students’ skills. In each performance assessment, a certified professional adjudicator evaluates a student’s performance of repertoire, studies, and musical proficiency skills. Subsequently, students receive a detailed written evaluation with suggestions for continued growth and development as well as information about their current level of achievement. Assessments are also offered in music theory and music history. One of the most important aspects of the MDP is how it encourages students to advance from level to level.

WIPA is proud to be a founding school for the MDP. Assessment adjudications are held in December and May at WIPA. Upcoming dates and registration information including details of fees and materials can be found by visiting www.musicdevelopmentprogram.org.

Awards and Recognition Certificates are awarded to all candidates who complete instrumental and theory requirements. Top candidates at each level assessed at WIPA and in the state will receive MDP Certificates and State Certificates that are awarded on the basis of assessment results.