Private lessons are the best way for a student to study a musical instrument. Individual attention and the ability to teach at the student’s level of experience and pace of development are important for enabling students to develop most efficiently their own musical technique and musicianship. WIPA offers private lessons in all musical instruments and voice.

Private music study at WIPA offers students an opportunity to work with world class teaching artists who have received music degrees in their primary instrument from music conservatories and universities. To determine the best fit between students and teachers, Student Services staff work with prospective families to select the faculty member that will bring out the best in each student.

Wharton Arts Private Lessons

Benefits of a one-on-one relationship with an experienced and conservatory-trained teacher:

  • Progress at your own pace, learning fundamental to advanced vocal techniques and various genres and styles.
  • Receive special and individualized attention including closer monitoring of musicianship skills such as sight singing and rhythmic training.
  • Prepare for assessments of the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program.
  • Review more material during a private lesson.
  • Receive guidance on developing audition techniques and an appropriate repertoire to study music or performing arts at the university level.

Duration of Weekly Private Lessons

30 minutes—recommended for beginning students.
45 minutes—recommended for intermediate students.
60 minutes—recommended for advanced students.

Students perform in two recitals per year.


Wharton Institute for the Performing Arts tuition includes 35 private lessons and two recitals, as well as piano accompaniment when appropriate. WIPA requires a Registration fee due prior to enrollment in lessons or classes. The Registration fee is $60 for Individuals and $90 for Families. WIPA offers 10% sibling and 5% multi-activity discounts and payment plans. All private lessons have the option of being on a payment plan. For a $20 fee, your credit card will be automatically charged for six equal installments from October 2016 through March 2017.

*36-Week Package includes 35 private lessons, biannual recitals, and recital piano accompaniment.

Instrumental and Vocal Private Lessons Tuition for 36-Week Period

Private Music Lessons: Instrumental and Vocal

30 Minutes

  • (*for 36-Week Package)
  • $1,692
  • Private Music Lessons

45 Minutes

  • (*for 36-Week Package)
  • $2,538
  • Private Music Lessons

60 Minutes

  • (*for 36-Week Package)
  • $3,384
  • Private Music Lessons

For In-home lessons, call 908.790.0700.