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Audio Recording Studio

The Paul Jabara Audio Recording Studio and adjoining black box theater are available for rent and equipped to handle any project from audition videos to professional cast recordings of full musicals. Jazz ensembles, rock groups, chamber musicians, vocalists, and solo instrumentalists can schedule audio and video recordings at Wharton Institute for the Performing Arts (WIPA) by calling 908.790.0700.

Read the WIPA Recording Studio Policies and Procedures here.

WMC Recording Studio

  • State-of-the-art recording studio
  • Record voiceovers, demo or commercial CDs, and audition videos
  • Steinway Model D Concert Grand
  • 100-seat Black Box Theatre


  • Review WIPA Recording Studio contract and policies.
  • Submit signed contract with required deposit.
  • Booking is complete when contract is signed by authorized WMC staff and deposit received.
  • Weekday recording sessions may only be booked from morning to early afternoon or late evening. Weekends are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.


  • $90 per hour for audio recordings with an audio engineer. Rates include sound engineer.
  • $100 per hour for audio and video recordings with editing engineer. Includes both recording and editing time.
  • Block booking discounts available by request.
  • 1 CD included (plus digital files) for audio sessions; 1 CD and 1 DVD (plus digital files) for video sessions.
  • Blu-Ray discs are $10 each, even if chosen in lieu of DVD.

Billing begins from the scheduled start time with the engineer and ends when the engineer is no longer working on your behalf.


  • 50% deposit for any block bookings or multiple-day bookings.
  • 25% deposit for hourly bookings.
  • $50 of the initial deposit is not refundable.
  • Deposit amounts are based on estimated usage made at the time of booking.
  • Any deposit amounts will be applied to final bill.


  • Cancellation of a booked session or sessions made more than one month prior to booked date will be refunded at 90% of the deposited amount.
  • If a session is rescheduled, your deposit will be applied to the new session fee.
  • Twenty-four-hour notice is required for all cancellations or rescheduling. If such notice is not given, one hour of studio time at the rate booked will be charged. The deposit will be lost unless the session is rescheduled.


Payment must be made in full at the completion of each session. No recordings or masters will be released without payment in full. Payments may be made in cash, check, or by credit card.


Below are some helpful tips for insuring a successful recording project.

  • The Wharton Institute for the Performing Arts’ Recording Studio provides both software and engineers able to handle most any recording project. It is worth reminding that the more edits you make to your recording, the more engineering time is required.  You will be charged for all engineering time.
  • A rough rule-of-thumb for commercially-recorded work is one minute of finished product = one hour of recording and editing time. For demo-recordings this formula can vary dramatically depending on your expectations.
  • Provide a copy of the musical score for the engineer for their reference during the editing session. This will enable the engineer to mark tracks with problems and manipulate sections more efficiently, which will save you time and money.
  • Plan on at least 10 minutes of time at the beginning of the session for microphone setup and sound checks. These steps are part of the recording session and are included in the final bill. Keep in mind that after you have recorded your tracks, the engineer must spend time editing, mixing and mastering each track before burning the final CD. Depending on the amount of editing you are seeking, this can be handled at the tail end of your session, or at another scheduled time. Ask the engineer for an estimate of how much time is expected in the final editing stage of your project.
  • WIPA retains recording projects on its hard drive and backs it up following internal standards . We will also back it up to your drive, CD or DVD subject to the hourly rates listed above.  We will not be responsible or liable for any lost data due to system failure.  Should our equipment fail to perform for any recording, editing or back-up session charged to a client, WIPA will provide additional recording and engineering time at no additional cost.