To use music as a vehicle for social change by empowering and inspiring young children through the community experience of ensemble learning and playing.

El Sistema USA

PMP is inspired by El Sistema, a program originating in Venezuela by Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu over 30 years ago. El Sistema is a model of a music program that can both create musicians and positively impact the lives of children. PMP is a member of the National Alliance of El Sistema-Inspired Programs USA. PMP is also a member of the NJ El Sistema Alliance.

El Sistema Core Principles

  • Student Empowerment
  • Community Outreach
  • High Musical & Behavior Expectations
  • Frequent Performance
  • Quality Teaching Artists

PMP Goals

  • Improve academic motivation, achievement, and school attendance
  • Improve in-school behavior expectations
  • Nurture social, emotional, and behavioral development
  • Foster the development of life skills such as responsibility, problem solving, communication, discipline, leadership, and confidence
  • Provide high quality and intensive musical training, developing strong musical skills and knowledge in students
  • Offer a structured environment for fostering
social change and youth development

Long-term Program & Musical Goals

  • Each year, add a new class of music students to develop a full-fledged orchestra for the entire elementary school
  • Create a network of after-school music programs throughout Paterson and a city-wide Youth Orchestra
  • Develop community and collaboration among
 students and families from different neighborhoods across Paterson